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Hill Kourkoutis

From artist Rachel Beck:  “When the opportunity arose to work with producer Hill Kourkoutis, I couldn’t pass it up. I actually met Hill on stage in 2013 when she was touring in Serena Ryder’s band…but that’s another story,” she said. “Anyway, Hill lives just outside of Toronto and I live in P.E.I. With all the travel restrictions, we had no choice but to get creative, so this song was produced via Zoom.”

FYI Music News.  On Tania Joy’s single, “Blink”:  Toronto soul-folk artist Joy has steadily been building anticipation for her forthcoming new EP this fall with recent singles that have explored deeper themes than her previous work. Blink continues that trend, as a meditation on being blindsided by the end of a relationship. Top-notch production by Hill Kourkoutis brings out all the song’s classic slow-burning soul elements.

Hill Kourkoutis is one of the most revered and cherished music contributors from Canada. She is an accomplished producer, songwriter, composer, artist, musician, and director who works out of her Toronto studio, The Lair.  Hill is also a devoted mentor to a diverse group of emerging writers and writers.

On 14 May 2022, Hill became the first female to win RECORDING ENGINEER OF THE YEAR in this history of the JUNO Awards.  It is a historic win in every sense of the word.

Most recently, Hill co-wrote and produced Cassie Dasilva’s “Unsolicited Contact” single that has over 1mm streams, she has also co-produced, recorded and mixed Digging Roots’ new album, ZHAWENIM.  The new single, “Sweetwater,” is out now.   Hill has also produced, recorded and mixed Amanda Rheaume’s The Space In Between album. She also co-wrote the single of the same name. SATE’s 2022 Juno-nominated album, The Fool, was produced, recorded and mixed by Hill. It is nominated for Juno Alternative Album of the Year.

Hill also played on, produced and mixed Leela Gilday’s award-winning album North Star Calling.  That album won both the 2021 Canadian Folk Music Award for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year and the 2021 Juno Award for Indigenous Artist of the Year.

 Additionally, along with Juno-winning artist Serena Ryder, she produced and co-wrote the theme song and the end title song for Universal Kids’ Remy and Boo animated children’s television show which was one of the overall top 3 premieres of 2020. Hill produced and co-wrote the theme song for Disney’s Dino Ranch, a children’s series which was rated the #1 pre-school series in the United States. She is currently in the studio collaborating with Damhnait Doyle on songs for several other upcoming television series.

Hill produces and writes at her studio, The Lair, where she has produced and engineered albums and singles for Leela Gilday, Royal Wood, Jules (“Before You Picked Her” #1 CBC, Top 40 Alternative Radio), POESY (Top 40 Alternative Rock Radio), Digging Roots, Cassie Dasilva, SATE, Madison Violet, Pavlo and Martha and the Muffins.  She has done remixes for July Talk, Adam Cohen, Dear Rouge, Good Lovelies and Jill Barber.

As a musician, Kourkoutis has had the honour of playing with artists such as The Weeknd, Serena Ryder, and Tara Slone and, for two seasons on the CTV series, The Launch, performing as lead guitarist in the show’s house band.




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